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• The main aim of Google Adwords is to create new leads for your business via your website, and is based on search results when potential customers search for your product or service by entering specific keywords.
• Our aim is to run your Google Campaign in such a manner that you pay as little as possible per click, but also be under the first three Google Ads for your specific keywords.
• Unlike other companies – we do not sign any contracts with you – it is like “pay as you go” with us. The reason is that we like to think that our service and capabilities are of such a nature that we do not need to bind you with a contract – the proof is in the pudding – as they say.
• 85% of all our customers are still with us after 6 to 9 years – without a contract!
• We are also a Google Certified Partner & one of less than 50 companies in SA.
• We will also supply you with daily/weekly or monthly reports, our analysis and our suggestions.
• Contact us and we will call you!


if you do your own Adwords – We offer a FREE analysis of your account. Click on the Video link on the left to see what we will cover in our Analysis.
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Thought To Consider We want Google to be the third half of our brain